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What songs does a mariachi play in Orlando?

Mariachi Orlando Tijuana Show, has a huge repertoire, with the best and most traditional Mexican traditional songs.

When you hire us you will be able to choose the songs that you like the most or you think are more special for your celebration.

Mariachi music is a traditional Mexican musical genre characterized by its use of string, wind and percussion instruments. Mariachi music is a living expression of Mexican culture and has been used to celebrate a wide range of events, from weddings and parties to protests and patriotic celebrations.

The best mariachi music is that which combines the melodic beauty of Mexican music with the interpretive strength of the mariachi. These songs are usually performed with great feeling and passion, which makes them an unforgettable experience for the listener.

Some of the most popular and critically acclaimed mariachi songs include:

  • La Bikina” (1953), by Rub√©n Fuentes and Luis Demetrio: This romantic song is a favorite of mariachis and the general public.
    “El Rey” (1944), by Jos√© Alfredo Jim√©nez: This song, considered one of the most beautiful in Mexican music, is a hymn to life and love.
    “Volver, Volver” (1955), by Juan Gabriel: This song, which speaks of a lost love, is a classic of Mexican music.
    “Cien A√Īos” (1936), by Agust√≠n Lara: This song, which celebrates eternal love, is one of Mexico’s most popular songs.
    “La Malague√Īa” (19th century): This song, of Spanish origin, is a classic of the mariachi repertoire.

Other mariachi artists who have contributed to the popularity of this genre include Vicente Fern√°ndez, Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Lola Beltr√°n, Amalia Mendoza and Chavela Vargas.

Mariachi music is a cultural treasure of Mexico that continues to be popular around the world. It is a music that celebrates life, love and Mexican culture.

The Best Mariachi Music

A small sample of our wide repertoire is:

  1. “Cielito Lindo” – Interprete original: Quirino Mendoza y Cort√©s.
  2. “El Rey” – Interprete original: Jos√© Alfredo Jim√©nez.
  3. “Guadalajara” – Interprete original: Pepe Gu√≠zar.
  4. “La Bikina” – Interprete original: Rub√©n Fuentes Gass√≥n.
  5. “Volver, Volver” – Interprete original: Vicente Fern√°ndez.
  6. “Copa tras copa” – Interprete original: Lupita D’Alessio.
  7. “Mariachi Loco” – Interprete original: Pedro Galindo Galarza.
  8. La Cucaracha” – Interprete original: Desconocido (canci√≥n tradicional mexicana).
  9. “La Negra” – Interprete original: Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitl√°n.
  10. “Ay, Jalisco, No Te Rajes” – Interprete original: Jorge Negrete.
  11. “Las Ma√Īanitas” – Interprete original: Desconocido (canci√≥n tradicional mexicana).
  12. “El Mariachi Lleg√≥” – Interprete original: Roc√≠o D√ļrcal.
  13. “Sabes Una Cosa” – Interprete original: Vicente Fern√°ndez.
  14. “La Malague√Īa” – Interprete original: Desconocido (canci√≥n tradicional mexicana).
  15. “Serenata Huasteca” – Interprete original: Jos√© Alfredo Jim√©nez.
  16. “Cien a√Īos” – Interprete original: Pedro Infante.
  17. “El Sinaloense” – Interprete original: Severiano Brise√Īo.
  18. “Sabor a Mi” – Interprete original: Alvaro Carrillo.
  19. “La Ley del Monte” – Interprete original: Vicente Fern√°ndez.
  20. “Cien a√Īos de soledad” – Int√©rprete original: Pedro Infante.

You will also be able to see the Juan Gabriel show.

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